About the AfricaCom Awards

Promoting Digital Excellence in Africa

The AfricaCom Awards 2013 is the 6th annual gala celebrating the triumphs and innovations of Africa’s telecom markets – no other event compares. 2013 promises to be the best yet, with new categories, new case studies from entrants, and more…

The 14 prestigious awards will be announced to an audience of 500 of Africa’s most influential telcos at a sumptuous evening of fine dining and entertainment. If you are an award winner, there is no better place to gain an endorsement of your success.

“The Awards ceremony last night gave us the opportunity to meet a wide range of people with various interest but with the common theme, telecommunications, in their hearts. We had a great chance to discuss business opportunities and to also share experiences on how things can be done better or are being done in other markets. It was an excellent networking opportunity that we’ll use to our upmost capabilities.” – Themba Khumalo, CEO, MTN Uganda

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